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IT Consultancy

Navsari, Gujarat, India

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The Mission of the Tap Your Talents platform is to give aspiring artists an opportunity to recognise their unique talents and showcase them confidently. Our uniquely themed competitions, challenges artists and helps us discover hidden talents and help them get a head start in their passion.

As an organisation, you will be able to discover artists within your specific talent scope as well as be able to market your services to your target market.

In SHOWCASE, view posts by a variety of aspiring artists and like, comment or share the posts thereby creating awareness of your organization.

In COMPETE, be able to launch Competitions, the most efficient marketing technique, in a structured way and attract artists as per your talent scope.

In LEAGUE, discover and connect with the most popular artists, creating opportunities for them.

In FORUM, interact with artists by answering their queries as well as sharing tips, thereby marketing your organization.

Additional features benefiting organizations, releasing soon!

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